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Client Success Stories


Lost 22 lbs and 5% bodyfat

Name: Jonathan Myers
Age: 44
Starting weight: 15 Stone 13 lbs Waist size: 43¾”
Ending weight: 14 Stone 4 lbs Waist size: 40 ½

Jonathan’s experience:
Like many people for a number of years I paid my gym membership and went through the motions without getting any results. At the end of March this year I decided I needed to do something about both my lack of fitness and being overweight... I found Kieran and liked the answers he gave to all the questions I asked. I signed up for his 12 week plan; which aims to help you lose 12 pounds in 12 weeks.

The first few training sessions were especially hard but he [Kieran] has a very supportive way of encouraging you. He pushes you but you don’t always realise it at the time. The nutritional advice was an essential part of the program and accelerated the results. At the end of the 12 weeks, I had lost 22 pounds and felt a lot fitter than I had in years.

The results that Kieran has helped me achieve are far better than I ever expected to achieve at the outset. With a 29 pound loss to date, the results haven’t finished. [editor’s note: for the record, at the most recent check up Jonathan’s total weight loss to date was a staggering 39.6 lbs!]

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Lost 12 lbs and 4.3% bodyfat

Name: Alison Fleming
Alison’s experience:

"When Kieran asked for volunteers to try his “lose 12lbs in 12 weeks” programme, I jumped at the chance to be a “guinea pig”. I had been gradually putting on weight over the last few decades which was becoming harder to lose. My cholesterol was high and I was feeling fatter, more uncomfortable and generally unfit. This was the start to a new lifestyle.

The help and support Kieran gave me was invaluable, with advice on changes that I could make to my diet. This was done in gradual steps that were not “too much too soon”. The two weekly recording sheets for meals were really helpful in that I could see how I was mainly eating what was recommended. Having some personal training sessions at the beginning gave me the confidence to use the equipment in the gym and to know what sort of exercises were most appropriate for me.

I lost 12lbs in spite of going on holiday and all the other things that crop up that mean you are not always able to plan what you might ideally eat. There were times where I ate some unhealthy foods, but I just started again the next day!

The meetings with Kieran were really motivating because the reductions in body fat were measured (the things that you don’t notice for yourself always). This and refining the meal recommendations helped me to stay focussed. People started to notice that I was looking slimmer, I felt much more energetic and fitter and at last clothes that were far too tight were becoming loose on me.

My new clothes are now a size 12 (I was about to start buying size 16 before this). The digestive improvements were a welcome surprise (less bloating and heartburn!) I am continuing to follow the new food choices and exercising, feeling confident that I will be able to lose a few more pounds to reach my goal of losing one and a half stone in total.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Kieran’s approach to fitness and weight loss to others".

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Lost 25 lbs and 5% bodyfat

Name: Richard Gray
Age: 61
Starting weight: 14 Stone 4 lbs Waist size: 40.5”
Current weight: 12 Stone 7 lbs Waist size: 36"

Richard’s experience:
Since my early forties I’ve struggled to maintain my weight at a reasonable level, which for me is south of 13st, despite exercising regularly and eating what I considered a sensible diet.

About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with a large tumour in my left thigh. Following the surgery running was no longer possible. Running with Ilkley Harriers, as I had for 20 years, was the love of my life. No longer being able to run was a massive loss to me. In addition I suspected that without the running there was the potential for further weight gain.

When I got myself moving again some 2 or 3 months after the op I went to the gym around 2 to 3 times a week and continued with an hour or two of cycling at the weekends, weather permitting. Despite my best efforts with exercise and being mindful of what I was eating I very gradually put on weight. By May of this year [2010] my weight peaked at an all time high of 14st. 4lbs. All very frustrating.

Just before we went on holiday in May, my wife who has always been supportive of my efforts to reduce my bulk, announced that she had bought me a book to read whilst we were away. It was titled ‘Waist Disposal’ by Dr. John Briffa.

So I dually read it and must say that I found it very interesting. Particularly in that the recommendations flew in the face of what I, and many others considered to be healthy eating. I enjoy my food and a typical day would be fruit and cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and vegetable based evening meal, sometimes with meat or fish. I don't do puddings and I love milk chocolate. I'll have to confess I enjoy sampling fine wines - oh yes. As an overview I suppose my diet would be considered a high carbohydrate diet with plenty of pasta, wholegrain bread and vegetables.

What Briffa recommends is eliminating sugary and starchy carbohydrates and replacing these with foods high in protein. So I decided to give it a go and to my surprise since changing my eating habits at the beginning of June it's had a dramatic effect on my weight.
Over the three months I've lost 25 lbs whilst at the same time by and large still enjoying my food. It's proved to be an interesting experiment for me and I'm now where I wanted to be weight wise, although it's taken me 20 years to get here!

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Lost 11.2 lbs and 2.3" Off The Waist

Name: Nina Dwyer
Age: 60

Nina’s story:

When I first sat down with Nina to talk about getting in shape she’d just retired from her full time job. After spending most her life looking after others I got the impression she was ready to spend a little time focusing on her.

She told me the main goal was to tone up, and after I probed a little further she explained she’d like to feel good wearing short sleeved t-shirts and be confident in a swimsuit.

She voiced a few concerns about which exercises she didn’t like to do, and we established that the bike, running and cross training were all a no-go… to begin with. She explained that she felt everyone at the gym would be much fitter than her.

I reassured Nina that I would never make her do anything she wasn’t 100% comfortable with. I explained the personalised approach we take, and how our programmes focus more on resistance training and bodyweight exercises to get our clients results. We went through to the gym so Nina could try the kind of exercises we’d be working on and decide whether our approach was for her.

After our initial discussion she decided to go ahead. We took a few starting measurements so we could track Nina’s progress overtime. We also covered a few health checks like blood pressure, heart rate etc; just to make sure everything was in good working order. A few flexibility and exercise screens gave me all I needed to put together Nina an appropriate exercise plan.

We started off steady by practicing some basic exercises. As Nina’s fitness and strength improved over the weeks we progressed to more challenging routines.

I’ve no doubt that if I’d told Nina when we first met how fit she’d be she’d never of believed me. In fact, a couple of weeks back she let slip that she feels like she’s in the best shape of her life! She even enjoys coming to the gym for her workouts!

Oh, and about that wearing short sleeves tops goal. Check Nina's 'after' photo above. How about that for body confidence!

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